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Student Appreciation

Kenton CTE recently celebrated "Student Appreciation Day". The day was sponsored by our Kenton CTE Shared DecisionMaking Committee. Students were acknowledged for choosing the Kenton CTE path in their education. As they entered the building, they were greeted by staff and given raffle tickets for prize drawings. Our principal and assistant principal visited each class and gave students a small token of appreciation as well as a heartfelt message of appreciation for their efforts and hard work. Classes also completed an activity, "What I like About Kenton CTE", and many students acknowledged how much they enjoy CTE Programming.

Some of the messages included:

" I love coming to BOCES. It's the best part of my school day". -Culinary Student

" I get to learn real life skills that I can use right after high school". -Welding Student

" Kenton has many benefits to my life. Between me making a plethora of friends, this school has opened doors for me that I never saw before. I don't come from a wealthy family and I want to be the one to make it big and be able to support them. The opportunities this school has gifted me, I will be forever grateful. The thing I like most about Kenton is the fact that the school is connecting students with similar interests and helping them achieve their dreams. Lest we forget the staff- I love coming to school and seeing their smiling faces and just happy attitudes. It takes whatever stress I have at home school and washes it away. This school isn't preparing me for tests, it is preparing me for life and my career. I'm in debt to all those who work here because they make a difference in the lives of every student here. They're not just teachers and staff. They're heroes and not all heroes wear capes." -Caleb M. (Auto Tech student)


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