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Message from the Vice President, Garth Merlino

Dear Sisters and Brothers, As crazy as this sounds, we are wrapping up another school year. Someone once told me if the school year dragged for you, then you haven’t done enough.

There were many successes this year. It is my distinct pleasure to work with such professionals as yourselves. As we usher another class out the door it’s important that you realize how you have positively impacted kids, their lives, and their future professions. Too many times we are made to feel that it’s about the asses in the seats. That may be very important to the bottom line, but I know I got into teaching, just like you, to influence the youth of today and get them ready for industry, and life. The lessons they learned from us should transcend the classroom and affect them at a personal level, to the point they will take the lessons we have taught them and use them for the rest of their lives. I would like to thank you for all you do; no matter what, we do it for the kids.

I hope you have a smooth end of year and a terrific summer. Please remember the EPEA picnic is June 15th and I will be running a horseshoe tournament. I hope to see you there.

Garth Merlino

Vice President

Erie 1 Professional Education Association

Local #02-055

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