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EPEA Members Reach out to the Community

EPEA showed their appreciation and support for the hard work and difficult times being experienced by health care workers in Erie County. Father Baker Manor in Orchard Park and Beechwood Continuing care in Amherst are currently dealing with Covid-19 outbreaks in their facilities which are significantly impacting their day to day operations. As a sign of the union's support, cookie trays from Dessert Deli were purchased and donated to each facility. A handwritten note, expressing appreciation for their hard work and dedication to residents, and cookies for all shifts were delivered to both facilities.

It was the EPEA's hope that the staff had a moment of joy and knew that all are grateful for their efforts and support them in these difficult times. In addition, the union recognizes many community resources are being stretched by the needs of people impacted by this pandemic. To help within the larger community, the EPEA made a donation to the Food Bank of Western New York.

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