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EPEA Members Asked to Attend Board Meetings

Greetings EPEA Brothers and Sisters!

While negotiating our contract we had a pretty good turn out for the E1B Board of Education meetings to show our solidarity.  We should strive to maintain that solidarity and display it whenever possible. 

Many of you may not know, but one of the responsibilities of being an EPEA Representative Assembly Member is attending an E1B Board of Education meeting.  Typically we have 3 representatives at every meeting.  This year we are asking that a minimum of 5 other members attend with the representatives, all wearing our EPEA gear.  We are asking that each member consider attending one Board of Education meeting this school year.

Please review the schedule of E1B Board of Ed meetings for the 2019-20 school year.  If you can attend one of the meetings please let our secretary, Lisa Reidy, know and she will add you to the list of attendees. 


Thank you for your support for the Erie 1 Professional Education Association

Donna Walters

All board meetings are at the Harlem Rd location, Building C

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