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2019 EPEA Election Results

Updated: May 24, 2019

2019 EPEA Election Results are in! Please see the list below for your EPEA Representatives. Please welcome back returning representatives and welcome some new ones! We still have some seats open. If you are interested or have thought about becoming a representative, please reach out to Donna Walters, or Garth Merlino and let them know.



President: Donna Walters Vice President: Garth Merlino Treasurer: Debra Gampietro Secretary: Lisa Reidy NYSUT Delegate: Donna Walters, 2 open seats

AFT delegates: 3 open seats AFL-CIO Delegate: Donna Walters, 5 open seats

Representatives for: Harkness

Marc Hunt

Robert Ward

Joseph McNamara

Joseph Mattimore

Representatives for: Kenton

William Peffer

John Marinelli

Representatives for: Potter

Tracie Blackman

John Snyder

Representatives for: Twilight

1 open seat

Representatives for: Maryvale

Peter Bellanti

EDGE- Special Ed & Alt Ed

Jennifer Stein-Beiter

Elaine Rosina

WSW Elementary

Leeann Haj

E1B Learning Center Exceptional Ed & Alt Ed

Roberta Muscarella


2 open seats

Social Worker & School Psychologist

Karin Becker

Stefan Gallucci

Northtowns Academy

Kira Cochran

Speech/OT & PT

Deborah Andrade

Joann Mirabella

1 open seats


Julie Murray

Itinerant Exceptional Ed

Lisa Putrelo

Exceptional Ed ACADEMIC

Alison Brown

3 open seats

Exceptional Ed FUNCTIONAL

Amy Kielaszek

Rebecca King

WNY Children’s Psychiatric Center:

1 open seat


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